Affordable Rates for Mercury Mountaineer Insurance in Newark

Discount Mercury Mountaineer insuranceHas it been over a year since you last compared quotes for more competitive Mercury Mountaineer insurance in Newark? Finding low-cost insurance for a Mercury Mountaineer in New Jersey can be a painful process, but you can use a few tricks to save time. There is a better way to compare insurance rates and we’ll show you the proper way to compare rates for a new or used Mercury and obtain the lowest possible price from Newark insurance agents and online providers.

It’s a good habit to get comparison quotes before your next renewal because insurance prices are rarely the same from one policy term to another. Despite the fact that you may have had the best deal on Mercury Mountaineer insurance in Newark six months ago you can probably find a lower rate today. Block out anything you think you know about insurance because I’m going to teach you the fastest way to find lower rates on insurance.

If you already have coverage or just want cheaper coverage, use these money-saving tips to reduce premiums without reducing coverage. Finding cheaper auto insurance policy in Newark is quite easy. Drivers just have to know the best way to get comparison quotes from many different companies.

The fastest way that we advise to get rate comparisons for Mercury Mountaineer insurance in Newark is to take advantage of the fact most of the larger companies allow for online access to quote your coverage. All consumers are required to do is give them some information including if you require a SR-22, if the vehicle is leased, how you use your vehicles, and how much school you completed. Your information is automatically sent to insurance carriers in your area and they return quotes quickly.

If you wish to get multiple quotes for your Mercury Mountaineer now, click here and enter the information requested.

The providers in the list below are our best choices to provide comparison quotes in New Jersey. To find the best cheap auto insurance in NJ, it’s a good idea that you get rates from several of them to get a more complete price comparison.

Insurance coverage details

The price information shown below covers estimates of prices for Mercury Mountaineer models. Learning how policy rates are determined can help guide drivers when making smart choices when comparing insurance rates.

Mercury Mountaineer Insurance Rates in Newark, NJ
Model Comp Collision Liability Medical UM/UIM Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Mountaineer 2WD $402 $732 $490 $30 $146 $1,800 $150
Mountaineer AWD $452 $732 $490 $30 $146 $1,850 $154
Mountaineer Premier 2WD $452 $862 $490 $30 $146 $1,980 $165
Mountaineer Premier AWD $452 $862 $490 $30 $146 $1,980 $165
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Above prices assume married female driver age 30, no speeding tickets, no at-fault accidents, $100 deductibles, and New Jersey minimum liability limits. Discounts applied include safe-driver, homeowner, claim-free, multi-policy, and multi-vehicle. Table data does not factor in specific zip code location which can raise or lower prices significantly.

Deductible analysis

The hardest decision when buying coverage is which deductible level should you buy. The rates shown below highlight the differences in price between high and low deductibles. The first set of rates uses a $100 physical damage deductible and the second price grid uses a $1,000 deductible.

Mercury Mountaineer insurance with $100 deductibles
Model Comp Collision Liability Medical UM/UIM Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Mountaineer 2WD $414 $746 $480 $28 $144 $1,837 $153
Mountaineer AWD $466 $746 $480 $28 $144 $1,889 $157
Mountaineer Premier 2WD $466 $880 $480 $28 $144 $2,023 $169
Mountaineer Premier AWD $466 $880 $480 $28 $144 $2,023 $169
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Mercury Mountaineer insurance with $1,000 deductibles
Model Comp Collision Liability Medical UM/UIM Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Mountaineer 2WD $230 $394 $480 $28 $144 $1,276 $106
Mountaineer AWD $258 $394 $480 $28 $144 $1,304 $109
Mountaineer Premier 2WD $258 $464 $480 $28 $144 $1,374 $115
Mountaineer Premier AWD $258 $464 $480 $28 $144 $1,374 $115
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Data assumes married male driver age 30, no speeding tickets, no at-fault accidents, and New Jersey minimum liability limits. Discounts applied include safe-driver, multi-vehicle, multi-policy, homeowner, and claim-free. Rates do not factor in garaging location in Newark which can modify insurance rates significantly.

Based on these figures, using a $100 deductible costs approximately $51 more each month or $612 every year averaged for all Mountaineer models than opting for the higher $1,000 deductible. Because you would be required to pay $900 more if you turn in a claim with a $1,000 deductible as compared to a $100 deductible, if you go more than 18 months between claims, you would save money if you choose a higher deductible.

How to calculate deductible break even point

Average monthly premium for $100 deductibles: $162
Average monthly premium for $1,000 deductibles (subtract): – $111
Monthly savings from raising deductible: $51
Difference between deductibles ($1,000 – $100): $900
Divide difference by monthly savings: $900 / $51
Number of months required between physical damage coverage claims in order to save money by choosing the higher deductible 18 months

An important sidenote is that a higher deductible results in a higher out-of-pocket expense when you do file a claim. You need to make sure you have enough money in the bank in the event you need to pay more for the deductible.

The diagram below shows how choosing a deductible and can affect Mercury Mountaineer annual premium costs for different categories of driver ages. The premium estimates are based on a single male driver, full coverage, and no discounts are taken into consideration.

Insurance rates based on gender

The information below illustrates the comparison of Mercury Mountaineer insurance costs for male and female drivers. The costs are based on no claims or driving violations, full coverage, $500 deductibles, drivers are not married, and no discounts are applied.

Full coverage versus liability only rates

The illustration below compares Mercury Mountaineer car insurance rates with full coverage and liability only. The data assumes no claims or violations, $500 deductibles, drivers are single, and no discounts are applied to the premium.

When to stop buying comprehensive and collision coverage

There is no clear-cut rule to stop paying for comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy, but there is a guideline you can use. If the annual cost of comprehensive and collision coverage is more than around 10% of the settlement you would receive from your company, then you might want to think about dropping full coverage.

For example, let’s say your Mercury Mountaineer replacement cost is $3,000 and you have $1,000 full coverage deductibles. If your vehicle is severely damaged, the most you would receive is $2,000 after you pay the deductible. If you are paying in excess of $200 annually to have full coverage, then you might want to think about dropping full coverage.

There are some scenarios where dropping physical damage coverage is not in your best interest. If you still have a lienholder on your title, you must maintain physical damage coverage in order to keep the loan. Also, if you don’t have enough money to buy a different vehicle in case of an accident, you should keep full coverage.

Smart Consumers Can Slash Their Insurance Premiums

Many different elements are used in the calculation when premium rates are determined. Some are obvious such as your driving history, but other criteria are less apparent such as your marital status or how safe your car is.

Listed below are some of the major factors car insurance companies consider when setting your rate level.

Good credit saves on car insurance – Having a bad credit rating is likely to be a major factor in determining your rates. People with high credit ratings tend to file fewer claims than those with lower ratings. Therefore, if your credit score is not that good, you could potentially save money when insuring your Mercury Mountaineer by spending a little time repairing your credit.

Is you occupation costing you more? – Did you know your job can affect your rates? Occupations like doctors, architects, and miners tend to have higher rates than the rest of us due to intense work requirements and long work days. On the flip side, professions such as farmers, historians and performers generally pay rates lower than average.

Where you live factors in – Living in small towns and rural areas has definite advantages if you are looking for the lowest rates. Less people living in that area corresponds to lower accident rates in addition to lower liability claims. Residents of big cities have to deal with much more traffic and more severe claims. The longer drive time means more chance of being in an accident.

Marriage discount – Walking down the aisle may cut your premiums on your car insurance policy. Having a spouse means you’re more mature and responsible and it’s statistically proven that drivers who are married are more cautious.

Always keep your car insurance in force – Having a gap between insurance policy dates is a quick way to drive up your policy premiums. In addition to paying higher premiums, the inability to provide proof of insurance might get you fines or a revoked license. Then you may be required to prove you have insurance by filing a SR-22 with the New Jersey motor vehicle department to get your license reinstated.

Do you qualify for a multi-policy discount? – Some insurance companies provide lower prices to insureds that have more than one policy, otherwise known as a multi-policy discount. Discounts can amount to ten or even fifteen percent. Even if you’re getting this discount you still need to get quotes from other companies to confirm you are receiving the best rates possible. It’s possible to still save money by buying car insurance from a different company.

Put fewer miles on your vehicle – The higher the miles on your Mercury annually the higher your rate. Many insurance companies calculate prices based upon how the vehicle is primarily used. Cars and trucks left parked in the garage get more affordable rates than those that get driven frequently. A policy that improperly rates your Mountaineer can result in significantly higher rates. Double check that your policy properly reflects the correct usage for each vehicle, because improper ratings can cost you money.

Buying the right Mercury vehicle insurance in New Jersey is an important decision

Despite the potentially high cost of Mercury Mountaineer insurance, insuring your vehicle may not be optional for several reasons.

The benefits of carrying adequate insurance are without a doubt worth the cost, particularly when you have a large claim. As of last year, the average driver in New Jersey overpays as much as $820 a year so compare rates at least once a year to save money.